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User Experience design, User research

Consultancy, training, education

UX and HCI in further and higher education

HCI and UX courses for the further and higher education sectors.

We’re also working in the further and higher education sectors to increase the knowledge of human-computer interaction and user experience. We are planning courses in Python programming and data science too.

We’re currently in discussion with a number of universities and colleges in a key market to provide a syllabus for their computer studies students.

Our education courses are aimed at larger audiences and provide a comprehensive introduction to user experience and user research. Our course materials are guided by ISO 9241-210.

We’re also happy to offer courses for faculty. Those who are interested are welcome to consider the British Computing Society’s foundation certificate in user experience [pro_workshops] which we are accredited to teach and examine.

If you work at a university or college and would like to know more about this, contact us.

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