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User Experience design, User research

Consultancy, training, education

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We’ve provided high-quality UX research and design consultancy to a number of clients. See our case studies for more information about how we work.

Our processes are built to comply with ISO 9241-210, the international standard for human-centred design. We provide education services in human-computer interaction and user experience and also teach the BCS’s Foundation UX course and run regular workshops. We currently specialise in the United Kingdom and the Philippines but we’re expanding over south east Asia and keen to talk to anyone who wishes to know more about our services.

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Thought Into Design teaches the British Computing Society’s foundation certificate in user experience. We run blended learning courses that combine online learning with face-to-face training. You can learn when it’s convenient for you.

We also offer workshops and shorter training courses in user experience, and provide HCI and UX courses for further and higher education sectors.

Finally, we can advise on content for academic curricula and assess whether a course's content is likely to comply with ISO 9241-210.

Economist Intelligence Unit

We were commissioned to bring “industry” content up-to-date with the “country” content and improve the design to increase the cross-sell of other products.

Increasing international trade

A digital product intended to help exporters had a low take-up rate. We helped increase this from 20% to 47%.

Integrating a business to business information provider's products

We integrated multiple online products into a single user experience and provide the case for the executive board.

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Run card sorts without participants. Results in seconds, not weeks.

We’ve run many card sorts and the biggest challenge we face is recruiting people for them. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could harness artificial intelligence to do this work for us?

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Psychometrics – to measure people precisely.

We provide a suite of psychometric tools that can be used to measure people’s perception, cognition and behaviour. These are based closely on existing tools used in psychometrics and provide you with key insights into your users that many researchers neglect to.

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Do people trust your product or company?

Trust is a multidimensional construct which is why it’s hard to measure. Some participants might answer while thinking about an organisation’s competence when others are thinking about it’s motivations. Both of these, and others, work together to provide what we call trust.

Using Flask on dreamhost problems

We're updating our website here at Thought Into Design to reflect our firmer move into education. We wanted a site that discussed the kinds of things we're offering so that people know. But a new design meant uploading a new site! And we had problems with Dreamhost and thought to document them here in case they're any use to anyone else. Matt Carrier has a great page on setting flask up at

Research trip to Singapore

We've just returned from a long research trip where we attended the Speciality Fine Foods Asia event in the Suntec Convention Centre in Singapore. We learned a lot of great things about the food and drinks market in Singapore (and south-east Asia!) and are developing the markets in the region for user research and UX design. We're also planning some workshops in south-east Asia where we'll be

International research & conferences

I've been invited to give the plenary talk at the PSITE conference in Tacloban, Philippines. It is a real honour to present an outline of user research and user experience design to such an important group of IT educators and I hope I can reward them with a fantastic talk. The conference is 19–21 October 2017 and I'll be there with my company, Thought Into Design, the whole time. We're also

Statistics Routines

In addition to work on SigmaSwiftStatistics, we're writing some statistics libraries for other languages. We're a bit sneaky, because we find this a great way to get familiar with languages old and new, but it also provides a useful service for everyone else. Currently, we're writing some routines in Ada to complement the Swift ones. You can get the Ada code here. We'll be creating a Prolog

Consulting at the Department for International Trade

Thought Into Design Ltd is heavily involved with some research activities at the Department for International Trade (DIT). We're very excited to be collaborating with DIT on a range of research projects. We've already undertaken some usability testing and we're hoping to add our skills and knowledge to all the rest that the DIT has available. This is coming very soon after our stint at helping

Trying out Swift

Lately, at Thought Into Design, we've been trying out Swift. This was partially so that we could write apps for iOS and OSX (or is that MacOS now?) but it is also good to learn the foibles of a new language's syntax. Our most recent work has myself (Alan) contributing towards an open source statistics library called SigmaSwiftStatistics. It's been great fun so far and we've contributed a few