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Case study: Proposal for telecommunications

Our challenge: We constructed a proposal for a telecommunications company to align its digital strategy with user experience principles.

Our first step was to understand what our client needed for a new strategy which in this case was a greater emphasis on user experience principles. We undertook some competitor analysis to understand how other companies in the sector were competing.

Inset picture of an information architecture

A high-level competitor analysis

This was augmented by further understanding their customers in detail. We prepared some personas for them using as many good sources of data. These personas helped us communicate why we made the strategy decisions we did. At this stage, we concentrated simply upon existing and new customers.

Inset picture of an information architecture

An anonymised example of a persona

Finally, we enscapulated the strategy by explaining those user experience principles that would facilitate their means to engage with their market.

Photo of the whiteboard from a stakeholder workshop

An anonymised high level strategy roadmap

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